Friday, February 15, 2013

The ScrapRack

A friend of mine turned me onto the ScrapRack.  I went back and forth with the idea of purchasing one and finally decided to take the plunge.  While I love the idea of the 4 section system, I am not sure I like the ScrapRack itself.  I am still undecided.  I want to give it some time and work with it, but I have some reservations.  Here are my initial opinions and impressions.

1.  The spinders are not as durable as I thought them to be.  I have 3 ring binders that when the locking tabs are locked, nothing gets them open.  Yet, I have my pages falling out of the spinders all the time.

  • The pages are not over filled as they are all less than 20 pages per spinder.  
  • I have the base unit set up as directed.  It is not set up upside down.

2.  The pages are flimsy.  I have the old Creative Memories pages and it is night/day to how the SR pages are.  I do not have any other style pages, so I cannot comment on how they compare to other manufactures.

3.  In January 2013, I purchased a 50 super size single package of pages before I purchased the ScrapRack.  Now I have gone through them and I'm trying to order more, but it is no longer listed on their website and they have yet to answer any emails/calls I have left regarding this.

4.  Their website could be A LOT better.  It lacks a professional look and feel.

5.  I am also ready to expand, but due to their lack of attention/response, I am hesitant to invest any more money.

Like I said earlier, I really want to give this a try, but I need to get organized to see if I really like this product or not.  I saw someone else had said they like the system but use a series of binders/albums and not the rack itself.  I may try that route if I can't get a response from them.

Let me know what your likes/dislikes if you own a ScrapRack.